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Coleman & Davis/ Taste

Passion driven is their commitment to old school craftsmanship, explains Colemans & Davis’ co-owner Morgan Coleman. “Our goal is to present the maximum amount of flavour as possible from these amazing [single origin] beans. Having control over every possible variable in flavour development of the chocolate bar, being able to do this from start to finish”.

“This line gives us an incredible amount of flexibility; we can do extensive testing out with very small batches of beans – to find what flavours we really want; what the optimal flavours are with those beans”


Modular processing Equipment

Royal Duyvis Wiener Brazil, with guidance from its industrial-grade parent Royal Duyvis Wiener; has designed modular high-end processing equipment lines; offering consistency, scalability and ease of support, that provides chocolate makers with an integrated solution for the complete production of premium quality chocolate. “These systems give customers the ability to control each step of the process to produce the product they want,” explains Jochem Dekker, v.p. of KOCO Inc., the US agent for the Royal Duyvis Wiener group. With capacities ranching from 2.5 – 200 kilos per Hour,Duyvis Wiener Brazil turnkey solutions are designed with the premium chocolate-makers in mind. Providing full control at every step of the manufacturing process in the production from bean – to bar.

Coleman & Davis

Featured line ‘bean to bar’