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By combining the strengths of Royal Duyvis Wiener, Royal Duyvis Wiener Germany (formerly F.B. Lehmann, and Thouet)  and Duyvis Wiener Brazil (formerly Jaf Inox) a new era in cocoa and chocolate processing has commenced. The unique combination of almost 400 years of joint expertise safeguards the leading position of Royal Duyvis Wiener in process innovation, machine construction, and maintenance services.

The story of Duyvis Wiener Brazil

In 2021 JAF Inox was rebranded inro Royal Duyvis Wiener Brazil to state the complete integration of the brand.

JAF Inox was born in 2008, at the initiative and command of the entrepreneur Adriano Pedroso, with the contributions of his friend Renato Queiroz, today operational director, and his family: his wife Arali at the head of technology, his brother-in-law Alexandre Giorgetto, who is in charge of production and his brother André Pedroso at the pilot plant.

Supported by research and development, the company has structured a portfolio, in which there are both customized solutions, as well as standardized lines for the various stages of the chocolate production process, as well as laboratory equipment. All with 100% nationalization and performance among the best worldwide results.

In Brazil, much of this equipment was imported when the company was founded. Offering extremely competitive solutions in quality and price, developed “in home”. Duyvis Wiener Brazil soon consolidated itself in the domestic market, which even opened up greater possibilities for gourmet or Premium chocolatiers, awakening in the country the possibility of carrying out the entire process, from the processing of the cocoa almond to the chocolate ready to be consumed, for which imported equipment did not offer full adherence (the market for the production of the highest quality and highest added value chocolates is one of the company’s main expertise). Soon it also started to export to several countries, including the demanding European market.

Royal Duyvis Wiener B.V.

Royal Duyvis Wiener is the leading manufacturer of cocoa processing and chocolate production equipment. Founded in 1885 in the heart of the Dutch cocoa industry we serve the leading companies in that market. Together with our customers, we develop the most innovative solutions. By supplying new and upgrading existing equipment, we optimize our customers’ production processes. We reduce our customers’ production costs by saving energy and minimizing downtime.



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