Duyvis Wiener Brazil

From bean to bar

Duyvis Wiener Brazil offers customised solutions and standardised lines for the various stages of the cocoa processing and chocolate production process.

Duyvis Wiener supplies bean-to-bar turnkey chocolate production systems in capacities from 2½ to 200 kilos per hour. It offers the most complete range of equipment, from bean cleaning, roasting, winnowing, conching, tempering, moulding and enrobing.

Bring traditional method up to modern standards. Enhance those fruity notes of a Madagascan Sambirano or the intensity of Javan dark – Show off your craftsmanship and bring out those desirable qualities: From flavour to flavour, batch to batch.

Processing Equipment

From bean to bar

About Duyvis Wiener Brazil

From bean to bar

The company Royal Duyvis Wiener Brazil, founded in 2008 as JAF Inox, originated from the Sartori & Pedroso Food Company, a family owned business and manufacturer of gourmet chocolate. The processing equipment for the production of gourmet chocolate was developed and engineered in-house and was unique in the Brazilian market. After this equipment became very popular among cocoa- and chocolate producers in Brazil, the decision was made to change focus from the production of gourmet chocolate to the manufacturing of small scale and sophisticated processing equipment. In 2014 JAF Inox joined the Royal Duyvis Wiener Group, the leading manufacturer of cocoa processing and chocolate production equipment. Read more…

Royal Duyvis Wiener, founded in 1885 in the heart of the Dutch cocoa industry serves the leading companies in that market. “Together with our customers, we develop the most innovative solutions. By supplying new and upgrading existing equipment, we optimise our customers’ production processes. We reduce our customers’ production costs by saving energy and minimising downtime.”

“Chocolate production with international standards became possible by virtue of the availability of equipment with Duyvis Wiener Brazil quality, that also has a fantastic after-sales.”


“Duyvis Wiener Brazil, to us, Luisa Abram Chocolates team, is more than an equipment supplier, its a partner. Serving always with great cordiality and efficiency. Just as we do, Duyvis Wiener Brazil values products quality and is always looking for innovating and improving their equipment.”