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Maison Bonnat

Félix Bonnat son of Bonnat liqueur-confectioner and dessert maker from Voiron opened his workshop in 1884 as roaster & chocolate maker with his first conche, invented in 1883 by Rodolphe Lindt. Today Bonnat still uses its traditional processes, with the original equipment still on site.

“We work the old-fashioned way and often by hand. But if necessary, we also opt for the ultimate in technology and state-of-the-art equipment, often made to measure according to Stéphane Bonnat’s directives.”


Maison Bonnat remains a real family business, run with passion by Maîtres-Chocolatier Stéphane, chocolate roaster among the best in the world. With their Grand Cru Chocolate bars, Bonnat honours the pure character flavour of single origin beans.

Famous for their: “Pavés de Voiron” Bonnat ballotins, tablets, liquor candies & hot chocolate drinks.


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Le chocolat en heritage Bonnat Chocolatier