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Luisa Abram Chocolate,

Founded in 2014 in Brazil.

Luisa Abram, sources wild cocoa from the Amazonian forest –

We are constantly looking for wild cocoa occurrences in the Amazon Rainforest along its various rivers. We want to show the world the high quality of chocolate that this cocoa from the Forest gives us.

We create partnerships with riverside communities that are encouraged to care for and preserve native cocoa feet, as well as the trees in their surroundings. Job opportunities and new sources of income are created for men and women, improving the quality of life of these populations.”

– ” Royal Duyvis Wiener Brazil (formally known as JAF Inox) to us, Luisa Abram Chocolates team, is more than an equipment supplier, its a partner. Serving always with great cordiality and efficiency. Just as we do, Royal Duyvis Wiener Brazil values products quality and is always looking for innovating and improving their equipment.”

Chocolate feito com cacau selvagem da Amazônia – Luisa Abram

Bean to bar

Lab equipment

  • Flex Tempering

  • Tempering Wheel

  • Wheel Tempering