5 Roll Refiner with chiller

The 5 roll refiner is specially designed for the small and medium size chocolate-makers that want to use a traditional refining system. The chilled high precision rollers ensure a homogeneous particle distribution and rheological soft solid flow of your cocoa mass, compound, chocolate and creams.



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The rolls are cooled by a chiller with digital temperature controls. The rolls are covered with hardened, polished steel. The speed and distance of the rollers can be mechanically adjusted.

Roll size & Capacity:

  • 10 cm x 20cm
  • 20cm x 50cm

After grinding the cocoa liquor is ready for refining in the roll refiner. The 5 roll refiner exhibits superb particle reduction for chocolate. The rolls are completely cooled by a chiller and the temperature can be digitally controlled. The rolls are covered with hardened, polished steel, is hygienic and easy to clean. The speed of the rollers and distance the between first, third, fourth and fifth rolls, can be adjusted mechanically.



  • Material in contact with product in stainless steel
  • Position of rolls regulated mechanically between first, third, fourth and fifth roll
  • Speed control by digital driver
  • Cooling of rolls by chiller
  • Digital control of (water) temperature
  • Volume valve controls water in each roll
  • Scraper on fifth roll, easy adjustable, remove and clean



  • Automatic feeding system

Additional information


10 cm x 20cm: 20 to 30 kg/H, 20cm x 50cm: 80 to 120 kg/H


Automatic feeding system, None

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