Royal Duyvis Wiener is proud to present Duyvis Wiener Brazil

Duyvis Wiener is proud to present the new name of our the company JAF Inox. The portfolio of Duyvis Wiener Brazil provides a perfect complement to Royal Duyvis Wiener, as it focuses on gourmet “bean-to-bar” chocolate processing as well as laboratory size chocolate equipment.

DuyvisWiener Brazil, being one of the leading manufacturers of gourmet bean-to-bar cocoa and chocolate processing equipment, supplies and services multinational companies, artisan chocolate makers, universities, technology centres and research institutes. 

Duyvis Wiener Brazil can supply complete turnkey chocolate production systems from bean to bar. The standard lines are economical ranging in capacities from 2,5 kg up to 200 kg of chocolate/H. The assortment of equipment ranges from bean cleaning, roasting, winnowing and grinding, to 5 Roll refining, conching, tempering, moulding and enrobing.